Blaine Boy Survives Brutal Dog Attack

Photo: Alisha Vander Veen/Facebook

Blaine, WA – On the evening of June 5th, 2018,  a young boy named Owen was  playing in the 7000 block of Halibut Drive in Blaine  when he was reportedly  brutally attacked by a neighbors two dogs.

According to a Facebook post from Owen’s mom, Alisha Vander Veen,  the dogs, a German Sheppard and a  Husky, attacked him from under a fence where they bit him on the foot and dragged him under the  fence with enough force to pull the boards off the fence.

The dogs continued to brutally attack him and bit him on nearly every part of his body resulting in multiple open wounds and thirty-eight  separate dog bites.

Photo: Alisha Vander Veen/Facebook

Vander Veen said Owen  had muscles and tendons pulled through an open wound on his foot and he received severe bites to his face.

The dogs also bit off a small part of his ear but surgeons were able to attach it.  An eye surgeon repaired damage to his eye lid which may require additional surgeries in the future  and surgeons had to perform exploratory surgery on his neck to ensure there were no internal injuries to the arteries on his neck from the dog bites.

Photo: Nathan Morbeto/Facebook

Nathan Morbeto posted on Facebook that Owen was heavily sedated the first couple days he was in the hospital and hadn’t eaten any solid foods yet.


In an update from Vander Veen on Owen from June 7th, she wrote “I just wanted to say, Thank you all so much for all the prayers, support, and help through this time. Owen was able to rutn over on his own, is moving his limbs and laughing! Hearing him laugh is truly the most magical sound in the world. We are hoping to be going home tomorrow on the 8th, but he first needs to eat and drink on his own and get out of bed. It truly does take a tribe.”

Owen has made some incredible improvements and on June 8th he was well enough to be transferred home to recuperate.

A meal trail was set up by Niki Wildermuth  to help the family with meals and there are several open spots available. If you are interested in helping with meals, please click here.


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