Crude Oil Spill Reported at Fidalgo Bay Refinery

Update: According to the most recent update by Unified Command, estimations are that approximately 20 gallons of crude oil spilled from the vessel onto the barge deck, with approximately 5 gallons reaching water.


According to a Facebook post from Shell Puget Sound Refinery, at approximately 11:30 pm on Friday, November 15, 2019, Shell Puget Sound Refinery dock personnel identified a crude oil spill coming from a barge at the refinery’s dock on Fidalgo Bay in Anacortes, Washington. Crude transfer operations from the barge to the refinery’s dock were immediately stopped and response activities commenced including activation of the refinery’s oil spill response team and notification to the Marine Spill Response Corporation.

The spilled material is an Alaska North Slope crude blend, and the volume of the spill is unknown at this time. Air monitoring in the immediate vicinity of the spill response show no abnormal readings.

The source of the crude oil spill that occurred is identified to be a pressure relief valve on a barge and the source of the leak from the barge is confirmed to be secure.

Responders are actively working to recover the spilled material as safely and quickly as possible to minimize any long-term impacts to the environment. Spilled material has been recovered within the boomed containment area which was pre-established and in-place at the time of the incident. Responders are currently working to deploy secondary containment boom around the pre-boomed containment area, and a skimmer vessel and crew are being mobilized assist in the response operations.

The spill volume is currently undetermined. We are actively gathering the technical information needed to quantify the volume of spilled material. There will be a complete investigation into the root cause of the incident.

The WA Department of Ecology, National Response Center and Marine Spill Response Corporation are on scene supporting the response. Air monitoring in the area around the response continues and has shown no abnormal readings. No injuries have been reported.

Further updates will be provided on the refinery’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages as additional information becomes available. Shell encourages residents to contact the Refinery’s hotline at 360-293-1797 if they have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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