Paid Ad Submissions

New Pricing Effective 12/10/2023

Would you like to share a menu or an ad on Facebook.  Pay here and send your ad to julie@skagitbreaking.com.

Skagit Breaking’s Social Media reach on Facebook averages 43,000/day. We have more followers than any other business in Skagit County, over100,000. Reach potential customers in Skagit County quickly through a Facebook post that also automatically tweets out to our Twitter followers.

If you are looking to advertise on the website or would like to purchase a package, email us as well.

Facebook posts must be written, submitted and PRE-PAID. Please email information after payment. Please do not message the Facebook page with post information. Facebook posts will be posted within 48 hours of receipt of payment or on a date/time that you specify.

Please pay though our QuickBooks link, click below

For 4 pack FACEBOOK SHARES $135 click here

For 10 pack FACEBOOK SHARES $315 click here