Scanner Terminology

Many people ask why we use abbreviations when posting scanner traffic and what they mean. Law Enforcement use abbreviations to simplify their radio communications and we use the abbreviations to simplify our postings on Facebook and Twitter. Here is a list of some of the common abbreviation

  • RP: Reporting Party
  • HBD: Has been drinking
  • AOB: Alcohol on Breath
  • 220– Mental issues
  • MVA: motor Vehicle Accident
  • High Risk MVA: high risk for injury, usually high speeds
  • MVC: Motor vehicle collision
  • ATL: Attempt to locate
  • UTL: Unable to locate
  • DV: Domestic Violence
  • CPL: Concealed Pistol License
  • CWP: Concealed weapons permit
  • DWLS: Driving While License Suspended
  • RSO Check: Registered Sex Offender Check
  • ER: Emergency Room
  • LZ: Landing Zone for med helicopter
  • Unattended-unattended death, not witnessed by a Doctor or Physician.
  • DOA-Dead on arrival
  • CPR-cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • DNR (medical) Do not resuscitate
  • EMS-Emergency Medical Services
  • LE-Law Enforcement
  • WSP-Washington State Patrol
  • FD-Fire Department
  • PD-Police Department
  • DNR (Fire) Department of Natural Resources
  • Skagit 60-Fire Marshal

Statuses for L.E. (Law Enforcement)

  • Status 1-Emergency Response, lights and sirens. There is an immediate Danger or threat to officer safety.
  • Status 2– Imminent Danger to officers, a quickened or expedited response requested.
  • Status 3-raised level of awareness, possible problems with suspect. Additional unit usually requested for backup.
  • Status 4-everything is okay

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