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Cory Vincent is a local musician who claims he likes his music in a raw, imperfect state. Although, by the end of my interview, I concluded that behind the scenes he is very serious about his career and runs his business meticulously. Between managing his career, keeping his website current, booking & playing countless performances, writing songs, recording music and even streaming a weekly podcast ….. the details of his daily grind are anything but imperfect. Oh … and he’s early for every show …. a consummate professional.

Cory was born in Skagit County in 1986 and raised in Sedro Woolley. In the Vincent household, the musical influences from his mom were country and bluegrass, his dad brought early 60’s Motown and R&B to the table. Music was always being played and Cory’s first two favorite artists were Elvis and Garth Brooks.

As a young boy, Cory primarily had a penchant for singing. His father sang a bit and Cory’s two uncles (Bill and Bobby) played guitar. Uncle Bobby played bass and sang in the Skagit County band “Sound Express” with Randy Eger (Chris Eger’s dad) in the late 70’s. 

At age 13, Cory’s Uncle Bill gifted him with his first guitar and showed him some songs. Cory struggled with learning to play the guitar on his own, that is until the day his father brought home a Stevie Ray Vaughn CD. This was Cory’s AHA moment and led him to becoming serious about learning the craft. At this point, Cory’s parents enrolled him in guitar lessons. 

In his early teens, Cory acquired a record player and started playing vinyl albums. Listening to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath changed his whole outlook on music. The combination of Blues and Hard Rock that Black Sabbath performed had an enormous impact on Cory. In fact, you can hear the Black Sabbath influence in the songs that he writes to this day. 

Unlike some young musicians, Cory was not in a band in high school. At the time, his peers were playing Punk Rock or Emo, neither of which were Cory’s jam. Wanting to stick with the blues, Cory was unable to find anyone in his age bracket that was interested. 

Cory’s first band didn’t transpire until the age of 21. Through his employer, he met Troy Fair (of the Troy Fair Band). The two had connected a few times to jam, so when Troy’s guitar player was moving out of state, he contacted Cory and asked him to join the band. At the time, Cory did not even own an amp. He opened a line of credit to purchase one just so he could take advantage of this whirlwind opportunity. Cory performed with the Troy Fair Band for about 3-4 years.

In his mid 20’s, Cory started playing at the Gary B’s Church Of The Blues jams at “Just Moe’s” in Sedro Woolley. It was there that he encountered a drummer named Terry Sherman. The two musicians hooked up and started writing and recording music. Not long after, they decided they needed a bass player so Cory called up Scott Blair, bassist from Troy Fair Band, who he had a strong connection with over the previous few years. And thus, Josey Wales, Cory’s first band, was formed. They played for nearly 10 years together.

When one door closes, another one opens. About 16 months ago, Cory’s warehouse position was eliminated and it created the perfect opportunity for Cory to forge a new path to becoming a solo artist. His band members, who have day jobs and family responsibilities, are fully supportive of Cory’s solo path. Once in awhile they still play together, but it’s under the name The Cory Vincent Group. 

Being able to concentrate on his music full time has allowed Cory to write music during the day and do shows in the evenings. In the past year, Cory has played numerous solo shows at local venues, as well as in Whatcom, Snohomish and King counties. Playing solo shows has given Cory the opportunity to become self-reliant in his performances. Having to do your own set up, sound and equipment checks, tear downs etc has given him an even greater understanding of the facets of live entertainment. It has also allowed Cory ample experience of working with crowds, learning what works … as well as what fizzles. 

As with most local artists, Cory’s shows consist of originals, as well as some covers thrown in for good measure. As a live music fan, I am amazed at the variety of covers that Cory sings. Countless bands tend to play the same cover songs, mostly due to what the listeners have grown accustomed to and therefore request. Cory says he likes to emulate the singer/songwriter artists such as Neil Young and Jim Croce. He started reviewing their old performances and observed it was just the singer, a guitar and great songs. Songs that could stand on their own without needing the framework of a band. As soon as he started looking beyond the music of his favorite songs, he began to hear the poetry. 

Cory Vincent original songs are authentic and overflowing with heart and passion. His soulful, often guttural voice tends to have a primal feel that reaches in and takes hold of the listener. If you are quiet, and listen intently, you will get lost in the world in which Cory transports you. And I’ve never told Cory this …. until now …. but I have been approached many times by swooning women wanting to know more about the guy with “that sexy voice”.


This Saturday, December 14th, you can catch Cory Vincent playing at one of his favorite local venues, The Corner Pub in Bow. It is an all ages venue and there is no cover charge. Cory will be playing from 6:30-8:30pm. 

You can keep current with Cory’s upcoming shows, info about new music being released as well as tuning into his podcast “Words & Music” by visiting his website. Make sure to bookmark it and add it to your favorites. I promise you that this local boy will amaze you. 



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