Why is all That Smoke in the Air?

FireSkagit County has multiple fires just to the east and northeast.  Winds bring the smoke right into our communities. Neither of the fires are very close to a major road, therefore they are not very easy to see.

The newest fire is on Tatie Peak, just south of Harts Pass (accessed from Winthrop). The Tatie Peak Fire was just discovered north of Rainy Pass (Highway 20) on the Pacific Crest Trail. At this time we do not know how many acres it has burned, but it has closed the trail down between those two passes. Here is an article that is very vague, but gives some information. HERE

A bigger fire that has been slowly burning for over a month is the Wolverine Fire. In the past week it has been getting much bigger. It is on the upper shores of Lake Chelan, just east of Skagit County. There is a Facebook Page dedicated to this fire HERE

The Pacific Crest Trail is also closed from Stehekin Road south to Suiattle River Trail due to a very small fire that is right on the trail. The main concern for hikers is the excess smoke through that area also coming from the Wolverine Fire.

We will be watching the progress of these fires and keep our viewers up to date with information as we receive it.

Map of the Wolverine Fire

Map of the Wolverine Fire


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