Another High Wind Warning in Skagit and Whatcom Counties for Sunday March 13th


Skagit County- The details are extremely unclear at this point, but the National Weather Service is forecasting another windstorm on Sunday.  The actual magnitude of the winds, the direction they will be blowing and where they are expected to be the strongest have not been pinned down yet, but western Washington will most certainly affected by Sunday’s storm.


It is likely that the brunt of the storm will hit the coastal counties worst, but Skagit and Whatcom counties may experience winds at least equal and possibly stronger that we saw on Thursday.  This together with weakened trees and structures may result in additional power losses and damages.


Most models at this point show the wind targeting Skagit and Whatcom counties at approximately 1700 and last until midnight or later before subsiding.  The models indicated a south wind changing to a southwest wind.


We will send more when we get it from the Weather Service, but this is your advanced notice.  Stay tuned to weather and news sources through the weekend.  Prepare as you can.


More later,


Dale Kloes, Coordinator

Skagit County Emergency Management

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