Wonder Bread is Back in Washington State; Absent on Shelves Since 2005

Wonder Bread 2

Burlington, WA – Today, there is Wonder Bread back on the shelves at Target in Burlington on Burlington Blvd. This marks the first delivery of Wonder Bread in Skagit County since 2005. We were told that it was first delivered on Thursday, April 21st. and we also found out that the Walmart Store in Mount Vernon, located on Freeway Drive, will have Wonder Bread on Monday, April 25th.

Wonder Bread was taken off shelves in the Pacific Northwest after Hostess filed bankruptcy in December of 2005. This also caused the other breads carried in the same line such as; Nature’s Own and Home Pride, which are also now going to be back on shelves also.

Flowers Foods has been servicing stores on the East Coast with Wonder Bread and these other breads since they purchased the brands in July of 2013.

Flowers Foods purchased Dave’s Killer Bread on August 12th, 2015 and immediately rumors started in the bread delivery world about the return of Wonder Bread to the Northwest. Well, now today it is official and currently on shelves here in Skagit County.

dave's killer

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