Sedro-Woolley School District Participates In Hazmat Drill

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Sedro-Woolley- Central Elementary School students will be involved in a drill simulating a hazardous materials situation on May 24 from 9-11 a.m.

   The school has decided that all grade levels will be a part of the drill to achieve maximum preparedness in case of a real emergency. The goal is for all students, teachers, and administration to be trained in the evacuation routine. All of the students will be transported by school bus to Cascade Middle School, 1.2 miles away.

  The drill is being coordinated with Sedro-Woolley police and fire departments, Skagit County Department of Emergency Management and Skagit 911. Sedro-Woolley School District has recognized the importance of working with agencies such as Strategic Emergency Education to be educated about emergency situations. SWSD is one of only few school districts in the state to to practice the reunification process with students.

   Parents of Central students are able to volunteer to help with the drill, as well as learn the proper manner to act in, while in a hazardous materials situation.

  Mary Purcell Elementary School,  as well as State Street and Sedro-Woolley high schools will hold a shelter in place drill. This drill is not expected to disrupt the daily schedule.

  Students are not the only ones that SWSD wants to inform about procedure during a hazardous materials situation. Residents and employees should be aware that sealing off all vents, doors, and windows with plastic can reduce the chance of harmful gas getting indoors. It is also recommended that homes and businesses keep three days rations of food and water.   

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