Letter to Editor: MVPD Chief Jerry Dodd’s Retirement

Photo: City of Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon, WA – July 12th, 2019.

Tonight is MVPD’s tenured & celebrated Chief Jerry Dodd’s retirement…
Sir : You will be sorely missed; an eternal positive impact on Mount Vernon & Skagit County will be your legacy – The LE communities, the neighborhoods, the business communities, the public transit agencies, the down & out, the faith-based servant organizations, ALL within the region have benefitted to the extreme from your leadership, vision, grace & truth.

We all are so far better off due to your integrity, devotion to duty & unimpeachable fairness. Our unwavering hope is that your pass down to your relief will be a tribute and commission to the same.
At one point in time, Mount Vernon, WA was once acclaimed as the “most livable city” in the US –

Chief Dodd, you have been so instrumental in the process to bring us back once again to that level of respect, livability & quality of living that once was a hallmark without comparison —-

One word =


We love you, you will be missed dearly.

Again! — Please pass down to, & enable your relief with the same grace, drive, truth, energy, vision & uncompromising values that we celebrate today; as you leave only our presence, but not our minds & hearts & attitudes.

Love you, man.

From ALL of us.

-Ray B.


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Chris Nelson
I'm a long time Skagit County Resident. I believe in doing the right thing and helping others when you can.

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