Skagit County Now Has 18 Positive COVID-19 Cases

Skagit County, WA – Skagit County Public Health has updated their information on Positive Cases of COVID-19 or coronavirus within the County. According to the SkagitCounty.net website, there are now eighteen (18) positive cases in Skagit County and three of those cases have resulted in hospitalization. Skagit County has not had any confirmed deaths as a result of COVID-19, but neighboring Island County, has had their first death from COVID-19.

Due to an increase in cases and a need to prioritize contract tracing, Public Health will no longer be providing more detailed information on individual cases.

Be advised, that Skagit County Public Health only tracks COVID-19 cases of Skagit County Residents, to avoid duplication in reporting. This means that Skagit County hospitals and facilities may be caring for patients who are from another County.

Please visit the SkagitCounty.net website by clicking here to read all the updates for March 19th, 2020.

Washington State’s Official COVID-19 site, maintained by the state Joint Information Center. 



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I'm a long time Skagit County Resident. I believe in doing the right thing and helping others when you can.

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