Skagit County Now has 99 Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 and 3 Deaths


Skagit County, WA – Skagit County Public Health has updated their website early today to reflect the Positive Cases of COVID-19 or Coronavirus in the County.  According to SkagitCounty.net, as of 11:25 am on Sunday, March 29th, 2020, there are Ninety Nine (99) confirmed Positive cases of COVID-19 in Skagit County, resulting in at least 9 hospitalizations and 3 confirmed deaths.  As of yesterday at 1:40 p.m., Skagit County Public Health had said there were 97 confirmed Positive cases in the County.

While most Skagit County residents know these are not the true numbers of infected and/or hospitalized  individuals in the county, these are the numbers that Public Health has officially released.  The total number of hospitalized patients listed by Skagit County Public Health, allegedly  includes patients who were hospitalized at any point during their illness. This data is changing rapidly as labs conduct tests and discover new cases.

Be advised, that Skagit County Public Health only tracks COVID-19 cases of Skagit County Residents, to avoid duplication in reporting. This means that Skagit County hospitals and facilities may be caring for patients who are from another County.

Skagit County Public Health will be releasing the number of patients in Skagit County that have been tested and received negative test results back later in the week, as well as updated information on patients who have recovered from COVID-19.

Please continue to practice social distancing, which requires a minimum of 6 feet between people and residents should assume EVERYONE around you is infected.  Families should not venture out together to places such as the grocery store or any other place. Families should designate one person to go to the store or pickup food. That person should be mindful of others,  complete their shopping quickly and return home before disinfecting themselves and the items they bring back to their homes. If residents don’t continue to follow the Executive Orders of the Governor this “stay home, stay healthy” order will only be extended for additional weeks or months.   PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS, PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING and before you leave your home, ask yourself, Is this trip Necessary and Essential?  Is this trip endangering my family, friends, strangers? Can this trip wait? Essential workers are at risk daily and the less interaction they have with the public, the safer everyone will be. Please choose your trips wisely.

Please continue to visit the SkagitCounty.net website by clicking here to read all the updates



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