Three local businesses work together to create a magical lunch!

***Press Release***

Mount Vernon, WA (Friday, April 10th)  Enchanting Events, Indulge Bakery and Munchie Dude, all locally owned in Mount Vernon, WA, are working together on Friday, April 10th to bring a little magic to lunchtime.

Enchanting Events owner, Lianna Neyens, approached Indulge Bakery owner, Christine Greenlaw, about doing a lunchtime pick-up option on Friday, April 10th between 12:30-1:30pm at the bakery, with Cinderella.  Enchanting Events offered to donate a themed gift for all kids who ordered a kid’s sack lunch and Cinderella would greet the cars and hand out the lunches and the gifts curbside during the designated pick up time at the bakery.  Cinderella is an employee at the bakery during the week and attends children’s birthday parties and corporate events as Cinderella on the weekends for Enchanting Events.

Christine Greenlaw suggested interested guests use Munchie Dude to place their orders to help bring awareness to and give business to the local food delivery company.  The response for the event was overwhelming and an extra hour was added to the pick-up time to try to accommodate the demand.  Over 90 of the “princess themed” lunches will be served to kids on Friday, April 10th between 12:30-2:30pm, which has made the event sold out!  People are coming from four different counties just to have the opportunity to get out of the house for a drive, pick-up lunch and give their kids a little bit of magic during a time that is somewhat hard for the youth to understand.

All three businesses are finding new ways to stay relevant in a market that has seen turmoil in the past few weeks and will need to continue to be innovative with their services for the upcoming months.


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