Berry Dairy Days 2020 Cancelled

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Burlington, WA

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Berry Dairy Days 2020 (scheduled for August 21-23) has been cancelled, following the guidelines released by the Skagit County Public Health Department yesterday.

“Under the direction of the Skagit County Health Officer, the City of Burlington and the Burlington Chamber of Commerce have chosen to cancel the 2020 Berry Dairy Days Festival,” said Peter Browning, Burlington Chamber of Commerce CEO/President. The guidelines recommend cancelling or postponing all large-scale events this summer including fairs, parades, festivals, and fireworks displays. We know that this is an enormous disappointment, not only to our vendors, supporters and event participants, but to everyone who looks forward to attending and celebrating with us each year.

“Berry Dairy Days has been such an important, meaningful festival for the Skagit community celebrating Skagit County’s culture since 1937,” said Steph Vervaart, Director of Operations and Berry Dairy Days Event coordinator. “The safety of the community is our first concern during this pandemic.”

We understand the gravity of the situation for all of our participants and the local businesses of Burlington who rely on the increased business that this festival attracts each year. Although Berry Dairy Days will not be happening this year, the Burlington Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to safely supporting our community, and the success of our members.

“In the interest of keeping our city healthy and the disease in check this is the safest decision for all of us. Let’s accept the best decision now and look forward to 2021,” said Peter Browning.

“We look forward to Berry Dairy Days in 2021; the planning will begin this fall,” said Steph Vervaart.

All vendors, supporters, parade participants, and Burlington BBQ Battle participants who have already submitted their application and paid will be refunded in full.


Berry Dairy Days has been a consistent part of the Skagit County community for the past 83 years. The festival continues to celebrate Burlington’s history, agriculture, farming, traditions and community. In 1937, the first annual “Berry Dairy Days” was launched and featured a giant Strawberry Shortcake that was pulled down Fairhaven Avenue in red wagons. In 1965 the event was handed over to the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, who continue the tradition today.
Berry Dairy Days is one of the oldest festivals in Skagit County. It still represents Burlington’s impressive agriculture and farming community. The Burlington Chamber has added many activities to this fun-filled weekend but the essence remains all these decades later with a Grand Parade, Festival in the Park and endless amounts of strawberry shortcake all weekend long.

The Burlington Chamber of Commerce


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