Local musician Savanna Woods to compete on NBC’s The Voice premiering March 1st, 2021

If you haven’t already heard, local singer-songwriter Savanna Woods will be on season 20 of NBC’s The Voice, premiering Monday, March 1st.

Some Savanna Woods background info …. Born and raised in Stanwood, Washington; music, family, culture and spirituality were the tapestry of Savanna’s life. Growing up surrounded by siblings, both biological and adopted, as well as foster siblings, there was always an abundance of love, support and acceptance. In fact, if love from the Woods’ family could somehow be converted to electricity, it would put Puget Sound Energy out of business.

Singing has always been a big deal in the Woods’ household. Savanna’s father, Stewart Woods, has been a singer-songwriter and musician for decades and instilled that in his children. So much, in fact, that one of Savanna’s two bands is called “The Woods Sisters,” which includes siblings Ireland and Paige Woods.

But Savanna is more than just a great singer. She is an incredibly talented songwriter. She wrote her first song at age 3 and has written hundreds since then. Lead songwriter for both the aforementioned “Woods Sisters,” as well as Savanna’s other band, “Waking Maya,” she has established a voice for her generation. Themes often revolving around change, personal growth and moving forward, bring about a take-charge attitude as well as rising above a victim role. Daunting subject matter is taken head on from an incredibly powerful, yet moving, point of view.

Being an avid traveler, Savanna found a niche on social media with what she coined “Wandering Wednesdays,” which were videos she recorded performing songs either solo or with family and friends, which were then published on Facebook every Wednesday.  These videos would be recorded in exotic European locations (Iceland, Italy, Czechia, Hungary, England, Scotland, Spain, Germany) or sometimes just around our great Pacific Northwest. This Wandering Wednesday venture began in May of 2018 and morphed into livestream events from her home in Stanwood once travel restrictions were put into place in 2020.

Fast forward to current times, Savanna had already decided that 2020 would be her year. She paused her bands and decided to take a crack at a solo career. When the lock-down came and live music was shut down, it was a major blow to local musicians everywhere. Never playing the victim role, Savanna decided to turn the situation into a positive. She started streaming live on social media … A LOT!! Sometimes daily!! Not being discouraged if there were only one or two viewers, Savanna understood the power of those small numbers sharing her stream. What started out as only a couple of live viewers could translate into a couple thousand views in a short period of time. Also, with the advent of such global Facebook music streaming pages, such as SDF (Social Distance Fest), it allowed her streams to receive worldwide attention. She started the process of auditioning for The Voice, did a podcast or two (shout out to Our PNW Music) and has been full throttle ever since.

There have been occasions, after hearing her incredible voice, that have left me awestruck. I have been moved to ask her “where does that come from”? She tells me she really doesn’t know. She just starts singing and out it comes. Savanna feels she’s not alone on this journey. She often credits spirit guides who have been with her every step of the way. Whether or not she wins The Voice is not the ultimate goal of this extraordinary woman. The goal is to reach and heal people through her music, however that may happen. And it’s already happening as one of her community top fans is an LPCC who uses her music in his therapy sessions, which has led to some life changing breakthroughs, and THAT is what drives this phenomenal artist, Savanna Woods.

Driven, dedicated and motivated, I have absolutely no doubt that Savanna can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. After all, she already has. Thousands of people set out to audition for singing competition shows each season, but only a fraction of them have the determination to sustain the dream. Although contracts with the show mean certain details have to be kept secret, I can guarantee that Savanna will be a force to be reckoned with this season. In between episodes, make sure to check out her social media sites and get ready to vote in Mid May when the live shows start!!

Savanna Woods — Our PNW Music

Savanna Woods and Friends — Our PNW Music



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