Get To Know Your Local Musician: Zach Michaud

Periodically I like to bring attention to amazing musical local talent that deserve reverent recognition; Zach Michaud (the d is silent) is one of those phenomenal artists.

Some background info ….. A self professed troubadour, Zach was born and raised in Canandaigua, NY. In his early 20’s, Zach arrived in Seattle determined to gain employment on a fishing boat, but instead wound up successfully busking in the Pike Place Market and West Lake Mall areas. This eventually led to shows in coffee shops, bars and the Seattle burlesque circuit; cumulating in the formation of his bands “Zach Michaud And The Washington Boys” and “The Rainy Day Devils.” Zach also played in Skagit County’s preeminent bluegrass band, “Bare Feet,” and toured with local country artist Jesse Taylor.

Zach has a well versed knowledge of most music genres, however his solo act leans towards the singer-songwriter folk style. Heavily influenced by such legends as Jim Croce, Tom Waits, John Prine and Tom Snider, story telling through song is what you can expect from a Zach Michaud performance.

Being an exceptional songwriter and musician doesn’t always translate into being a gifted entertainer; that is a talent intrinsically on its own. Armed with intelligence and deadpan wit, Zach is able to engage his audiences between songs, which is a rare artistry. Medley’s are another intriguing segment of his performances; often seamlessly connecting five or more songs without missing a note or lyric.

If you just want to listen to the top hit cover tunes of a given era, then Zach may not be the musician for you. But if you’re a music enthusiast, hearing Zach play a not so recognizable cover by a musician/band is exhilarating. The sheer musical artistry that Zach embodies transcends him into a category of performers that is beyond compare.  His experience and knowledge in musical theory combined with his witty repartee make Zach Michaud performances the ultimate indulgence for live music novices and aficionados alike.

Here are a few upcoming shows to put on your calendar. New shows are being added all the time so make sure to check out Zach’s social media or the Skagit Breaking Live Music Roundups to keep informed on upcoming performances.

4/10/21 6pm at The Big Rock Woolley Market https://fb.me/e/SX8WsP4n

4/16/21 8pm at Mirkwood & Shire Cafe https://fb.me/e/1e1BXayg9

5/07/21 9pm at The Conway Boxcar https://fb.me/e/1ihxlk4e1

6/06/21 noon at Eagle Haven Winery https://fb.me/e/2biPRyslo

7/11/21 noon at Eagle Haven Winery https://fb.me/e/2biPRyslo

Our PNW Music:  Zach Michaud — Our PNW Music

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ISAWZACH/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/zachmichaudmusic?igshid=17gnm352n4g8x

YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCWwC5fYMjQTf4reLxQ-Kekg

Website:  http://www.zachmichaud.com/#about

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