Local musician Brittany Collins releases three song EP “Rough Sides”

As I sit in my hairdresser’s chair, listening to the canned music that passes for pop songs these days, it gets me to wondering “what corporate hotshot decided that these whiny pseudo tunes are worthy of all the attention in an industry that’s so rich with talent and artistry lying just below the surface?” If I had the power to chose artists that would be highlighted on a national level, local musician Brittany Collins would definitely be at the top of my list.

On September 3rd, Skagit County singer-songwriter Brittany Collins will be releasing a three-song EP of acoustic demos entitled “Rough Sides.” https://linktr.ee/brittanycollins?fbclid=IwAR08kk5cqbDK2Oek3OsshwRoGxim5ttmlWmfvqG5Cum0NR7ErAralRoHSlI

“Rough Sides” is based within the Americana genre. The songs are reminiscent of an era when music was stories woven within chord progressions; a time when you could hear emotion in the singers voice and autotune had not yet been created.

Laced within the three songs are lyrical themes of strength with an underlying vulnerability, maneuvering through life between the head and the heart whilst reaching out to break through the boundaries that keep us restrained in our daily lives.

Ms. Collins has a knack for writing about real-life struggles and situations. Some of her past inspirations were drawn on from her job as a social worker. “Rough Sides,” along with her entire musical catalogue, is simply real music for real people. You can download “Rough Sides” from Bandcamp through this link https://linktr.ee/brittanycollins?fbclid=IwAR08kk5cqbDK2Oek3OsshwRoGxim5ttmlWmfvqG5Cum0NR7ErAralRoHSlI

You can also subscribe to her social media sites in order to keep up to date on all new music releases and future shows.

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/BrittanyCollinsBand/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/brittmakesmusic?utm_medium=copy_link

Website: https://brittanycollinsband.com/home

Podcast interview: https://www.ourpnwmusic.com/podcast/011

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