Tulip Farm Workers Go on Strike Ahead of Tulip Festival

Photo: Courtesy of Familia's Unidas por la Justicia

Skagit County, WA- Around Seventy Skagit County tulip farm workers from Washington Bulb went on Strike yesterday morning to demand better working conditions and citing issues with wages, according to the Familia’s Unidas por la Justicia Facebook page.

According to the news release, workers approached the farmworker union, Familia’s Unidas por la Justicia for help on Tuesday. There was a meeting held, where workers elected a committee to represent the group and present demands to company representatives today. The workers also voted and called for a strike at the farm in the hopes to call attention and find a resolution in a prompt time period.

The farm workers asked the community to come support them and have been picketing in the 15000 block of Beaver Marsh Road in Mount Vernon all day today.

Organizers posted several videos on the union’s Facebook page about the strike, using the timing of the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival to draw more attention to their cause.

Washington Bulb representatives told multiple news agencies that the strike will not affect the Tulip Festival.








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