Mount Vernon Kidnapping Suspects In Custody

Mount Vernon, WA – On December 29th, 2022, Amanda and Amber Dinges were arrested by members of the Mount Vernon Police Department at SeaTac Airport when they returned to Seattle from Vietnam. They are currently in custody at the Skagit County Community Justice Center in Mount Vernon. Their first court
appearance is anticipated to be in Skagit County Superior court on Friday December 30th, 2022.

Their return to Washington was a collaborative effort of the FBI, HSI, Diplomatic Security Services, Skagit County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the Vietnam Ministry of Public Security.

The quick recovery of ND and the return/arrest of Amanda and Amber would not have occurred without their assistance.

December 16, 2022

On November 29, 2022, Mount Vernon Police Department investigators uncovered information indicating Amanda Dinges and Amber Dinges possibly left the country with the 5-year-old juvenile male, “ND” who had been placed in Amanda Dinges’ care by Department of Youth and Family Services (DCYF). A multi-agency investigation was launched consisting of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Seattle (FBI), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) and the Mount Vernon Police Department.

From the onset, this investigation followed two distinctive tracts. The recovery of “ND” and the criminal investigation of those who were responsible for his abduction and removal from the country. As information was developed, investigators determined Amanda Dinges and Amber Dinges fleeing with “ND” was an intentional, pre-planned event. This resulted in arrest warrants being issued for Kidnapping 2nd Degree for both individuals.

The investigation included interviews with associates and family of both Amanda Dinges and Amber Dinges, as well as data collected from over 25 search warrants. Investigators were able to narrow the
trio’s location to Thai Binh, Vietnam. This is a city 70 miles southeast of Hanoi, with a population of 210,000.

On December 14, 2022, at approximately 11:30 PM (PST), “ND” was safely secured by Diplomatic Security Service personnel at the United States Consulate in Hanoi, Vietnam and then flown to Tokyo,
Japan for the first leg of his journey home.

On December 15, 2022, FBI Agents and victims’ advocates traveled to Tokyo to bring “ND” back to Washington. They arrived in Seattle this morning. “ND” is currently reuniting with his mother at an
undisclosed location. With the primary task, the recovery of “ND” complete, the next focus will be the arrest and extradition
of Amanda Dinges and Amber Dinges. They are currently not in custody and known to be in Vietnam.

International recognition of warrants and extradition is a complicated process. Investigators will continue their efforts until such time that Amanda Dinges and Amber Dinges appear in court on the Kidnapping charges in Skagit County, Washington.

This investigation had many components, touching multiple jurisdictions. Success would not have been possible without the assistance from many different agencies. We cannot thank our federal partners from the FBI Seattle, HSI and DSS enough for
their great work navigating the logistics of an international investigation and recovery.

We would also like to thank the Hanoi embassy staff, Port of Seattle Police, and the Vietnam Ministry of Public Security for their assistance. For a 5-year-old boy, “ND” has had a very complex journey. We hope his recovery and return to Washington will be a stabilizing factor for him moving forward.

We ask that the family’s privacy be respected.

December 5, 2022

On December 2, 2022, Mount Vernon Police Detectives applied for and were granted an arrest warrant for 60-year-old Mount Vernon resident Amber Lyn Dinges. Detectives’ investigation led to probable
cause for the charge of Kidnapping 2nd Degree. Amber Dinges, the mother of Amanda Dinges, was complicit in the kidnapping and fleeing with a 5-year-old juvenile male. Numerous leads are being
followed up on as to the suspects’ location is currently unknown, the investigation continues. Anyone who witnessed the incident or has
information that would assist investigators are asked to call the 24-hour dispatch information number (360) 428-3211 or during business hours call Mount Vernon Police at (360) 336-6271.

November 29, 2022

On November 28, 2022, at approximately 10:06 am, the Mount Vernon Police Department was dispatched to a custodial interference call in the 1600 block of N. 26th Street, Mount Vernon, WA. The reporting party, Child Protective Services, advised that a foster parent had potentially kidnapped a 5- year-old male placed in their care.

Through investigation, Mount Vernon Detectives learned that the suspect had disconnected her phones and vacated her last known address. It has been determined that the suspect has fled the area. The suspect identified as Amanda M. Dinges, a 35-year-old Mount Vernon resident, was last known to be traveling with a juvenile male.
An arrest warrant has been issued for Amanda M. Dinges for the crime of Kidnapping 2nd Degree. Mount Vernon Detectives are working jointly with Federal Law Enforcement on the investigation.

In cases such as this, the public may wonder why an AMBER Alert wasn’t activated. In this situation the actual date of abduction was unknown and could only be estimated. The child was placed in the care of the suspect and there had been no previous issues. There were no indications that the abducted child was believed to be in danger of imminent death or serious bodily injury. These factors did not meet the criteria for a statewide system activation. The use of the AMBER Alert system is reserved for events that
need immediate public attention to help resolve an incident.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has information that would assist investigators are asked to call the 24-hour dispatch information number (360) 428-3211 or during business hours call
Mount Vernon Police at (360) 336-6271.

Lieutenant Mike Moore

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