Missing in the 530 Slide

Below is a list that we have compiled of the unaccounted for victims of the #530 slide that happened Saturday morning. This list is unofficial. The photos have been submitted to Skagit Breaking by family members of the missing/unaccounted for.  For more information about the slide visit the Snohomish County Website.

If you would like to report a missing or unaccounted for person involved in this slide you should first report to Snohomish County by calling 425-388-5088. If you would like to add a name and picture to this page please contact us via Facebook or at breakingskagit@hotmail.com. You can text photos to 360-421-5488 with names and where they are missing from.

Navy Commander John Regelbrugge and wife KrisNavy Commander John Regelbrugge 49, and wife Kris, 44

John Regelbrugge has been found deceased on his property on 3/25. Kris is still missing. 

Missing from 30929 Steelhead

Mark Gustafson

Mark Gustafson

Amanda Lennick

Amanda Lennick Missing from 31325 E. Steelhead


Summer Raffo, 36 was driving through OSO on 530

Larry and Sandy Miller

Larry and Sandy Miller-Missing

Alan Bejvl and his fiancee Delaney Webb

Alan Bejvl and his fiancee Delaney Webb-missing

Thom and Marcy Satterlee

Thomas and Marcy Satterlee
They are the grandparents of Delaney Webb.

Steven Hadaway

Steven Hadaway, 53 of Darrington, WA-
Dish Network technician on a job at 31325 E. Steelhead

Steve Neal

Steve “Steve” Neal, 55
On a house call, installing a hot water heater.

Brandy Ward (Left)

Brandy Ward, 58  (Left)

Missing from 30801 Steelhead


Tom Durnell

Tom Durnell, 65
30923  Steelhead Dr at the time of the#530slide.


Bonnie Gullikson, 91 years old

Bill WelchWilliam “Bill” Welsh of Arlington, WA., 67 

Contractor working on Steelhead Lane

Denver is missing

Denver Harris is missing/unaccounted for

Shane, Katie, Hunter and Wyatt Ruthven

Shane, Katie, Hunter and Wyatt Ruthven

**The family requests media respect their privacy please**

Lou and Judy are the parents of Shane Ruthven. Shane, Katie, Hunter and Wyatt Ruthven are all missing

Lou and Judy Vaandenburg are the parents of Shane Ruthven. Shane, Katie, Hunter and Wyatt Ruthven  are all missing

4 months old

4 months old

 4-month-old Sanoah Huestis

Missing from 30822 Steelhead Drive.

Christina Jefferds

Christina Jefferds (Grandmother of above baby)

Missing from 30822 Steelhead Drive

Adam Farnes

Adam Farnes (Left) is missing from the #530slide area

Julie Farnes

Julie Farnes (Center floral Shirt)
Missing in the #520slide area

Gloria Halstead

Gloria Halstead (Right)
Was home just east of Steelhead Drive-Missing

Jerry HalsteadJerry Halstead  is missing in the #530slide

Steve Harris

Steve Harris
Missing in the #530slide

Theresa Harris

Theresa Harris (Right)
Missing at #530slide

No Image Available

Lon Slauson is believed to be missing


 Ronald deQuilettes (right)
Was doing some work at Larry and Sandy Miller’s house during the slide


The Spillers Family

 Navy Chief Billy Spillers, Brooke Spillers (2), Kaylee Spillers (5) and Jovon (Jojo) Mangual (13)
Jonielle Spillers (wife) was not at home and Jacob (4) was rescued the day of the slide. Missing from 31005 Steelhead Drive

No Image Available

Joseph R. Miller, 47

Missing from 31009 Steelhead Drive

No Image Available

Shelley Bellmomo, 55

Missing from 31227 E. Steelhead

No Image Available

Jerry Logan

Missing from 31227 E. Steelhead

Linda McPherson

Linda McPherson has been found deceased 

(Photo from The Herald)

If you have love ones missing that you would like added to our site, please email their photos and names to breakingskagit@hotmail.com or text their photos to 360-421-5488 and we will add them as soon as we can.

Our thoughts are with all the families affected by this tragedy.

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