Autumn Veatch Walks out of Woods Alive after Plane Crash

Photo Credit: Sean Wheeler
Photo Credit: Sean Wheeler

Photo Credit: Sean Wheeler

Easy Pass,  Wa:  A girl claiming to be Autumn Veatch walked out of the woods near Easy Pass, Washington and flagged down  a passing driver. The girl told the driver she had been in a plane crash on Saturday night. The driver took the teen to The Mazma Store where store employees called 9-1-1.

A witness on scene, Sean Wheeler sent us a photo on Twitter of medics from Aero Methow Rescue Services, arriving at The Mazama Store on Monday Afternoon to treat the girl for minor injuries, including burns.

Autumn VeatchWhile Sheriff Frank Rogers of Okanogan County,  says they still have not confirmed if the girl is the Bellingham teen that was on board the overdue plane, officials with Aero Methow Rescue Services confirm the girl is the missing teen.

According to Aero Methow Rescue Services of Methow Valley, medics transported the teen to Three Rivers Hospital in Brewster, Washington. Officials said she has non-life-threatening injuries, including burns but overall was doing fine.

The plane is thought to be the private plane that was reported overdue in Lynden on Saturday.

Missing PlaneThe plane carrying three people, including the pilot, left western Montana about 4 p.m. Saturday and was due in Lynden around 7 p.m. Those on the plane were identified by the Department of Transportation and the father of one of the missing people  as Leland Bowman, 62, and Sharon Bowman, 63, both of Marion, Montana, and their step-granddaughter Autumn Veatch, 16, of Bellingham.

David Veatch, Autumn’s father,  told us he had been a nervous wreck, awaiting word on the fate of his daughter and those on the missing plane.

Authorities from WSDOT released the following statement at 4:05 p.m. July 13: We are aware of the reports of a call in to Okanogan law enforcement about a woman saying she’s Autumn Veatch and is in Mazama following a plane crash. We cannot confirm any other information at this time and need to let law enforcement have the time to do their work and confirm what’s being reported.

Family friends of the missing teen, confirmed the girl as Autumn Veatch.

An Update from Washington State Dot as of 4:41 pm July 13: Aerial crews are still mission focused searching for the plane’s location. We are referring calls to the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office for confirmation of the call they received and any ID they’ve been able to make.

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