Housing First: Skagit Veterans Aiming to Give Homeless What They Need Most

Bryan Mellor on his unstable journey before finding solid ground himself.

There is a group of Veterans teaming up in Skagit County aiming to give other Veterans a mindset for success in life. The homeless here in Skagit County and around the country sit on the sidewalks during the day and find a place to sleep at night. Non-homeless citizens won’t look them in the eye and won’t ask how they are doing because they are “bothersome”. Some of these homeless are highly decorated Veterans of the US Military who now feel they don’t belong anywhere.

Housing First is a movement coming to Skagit County by a prideful group of Veterans in Burlington. Their goal is to give homeless Veterans a place to rehabilitate in a community filled with others that are in the same mindset. A place to #breathe

This week, Housing First was offered a high-value property for a price too good to pass up.

This land is already subdivided into 14-single family lots with utilities on site. Now they are looking for partners to help a dream come true to save lives.

Bryan Mellor, owner/operator of Dragonfly Media NW, has been shaping the plans for this concept since November of 2015. On his desk at American Legion in downtown Burlington, he has a photo of himself in uniform, standing next to President George Bush.

He finally got into an apartment after being without a home of his own for quite some time. Mellor will now put focus, on his own time, toward seeing this come to fruition and film the whole process.

“Yes, there will be problems. There are already problems. Yes there will be failure. There is already failure,” says Jarrod Lee who is Bryan’s partner. “Yes, we will make a difference. There is a need for a difference!”

Another veteran I talked with, Jesse Jackson, is a retired Drill Sergeant from New Jersey who ended up in Skagit County after finding a sense of calmness in our nearby mountains. He talks about a mirror that all Veterans reflect upon. He says if veterans don’t have another person in their life who look in that same mirror and see the same type of harsh memories, then they may be lost.

Jackson is joining the dream by backing the film process. He and his partner at Jersey Style Films are excited and passionate to see this seed grow in to a fruitful community. Find Jackson at http://www.jerseystylefilmsinc.com/Home.html

This community will surround these lost Veterans. The dream is to offer a foundation, adding counseling, yoga, and a place to gather. Mellor believes this will help the ones in need and Skagit Valley together in a symbiotic way.

They want to use the #breathe when sharing and discussing online.

Please join in their movement and give homeless Veterans a chance to #breathe

Help them or follow GO TO- https://www.facebook.com/youcanbreathenow2017

Also Dragonfly Media NW- facebook.com/dragonflymedianw



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