Some Lyman Residents Experience Delay in Receiving Voters’ Ballots

Lyman, WA – Some Lyman residents may have noticed a delay in receiving their voters’ ballots. The Sedro Woolley School District (which includes Lyman) is asking voters to approve a four-year, $51.38 million Replacement Educational Programs and Operation Levy, as well as a $79.5 million General Obligation Bond proposal.

According to David Cunningham, Skagit County Elections Supervisor, all ballots were delivered to the main Seattle Post Office sometime either the late evening of Monday, January 22nd or the early morning of Tuesday, January 23rd. At that time, USPS was to disperse the ballots according to their normal procedures. It is clear at this time that this was not a mistake made by the Skagit County Elections Office or the ballot printer.

Voters in Sedro Woolley received their ballots on Thursday, January 25th, with no delay. However, a small group of ballots, belonging to Lyman PO Box holders, did not get to their destination (the Lyman post office) until the early morning of Monday, February 5th.

The Skagit County Auditor’s office was alerted to the issue yesterday morning, when they received a call from a representative with the Sedro Woolley School District.

Both the Auditor’s Office and the Sedro Woolley postmaster are attempting to identify what may have caused this delay. Regardless, Lyman voters should now have access to their ballots, and will have plenty of time to vote prior to the February 13 deadline.

For more information about the February 13 Special Election, you can view the Online Voters’ Pamphlet here.



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