Burlington Edison High School Student Passes Away

According to a news release from Principal Todd Setterlund, “B-EHS Student Garrett Arendse tragically died over this past weekend. Garrett was known as a thoughtful young man and was an amazing friend to many students.”

The school’s counseling team will be available to help students process this tragic event when they return to school after Spring break. They plan to have additional counseling staff from across the District on campus for added support.

The school asks that if parents/guardians notice a sudden change in their child’s behavior and/or health that is unexplainable, to please conact the school immediately. Burlington Edison will continue to respond to any student who is upset or in need of support in dealing with this loss.

The school community also wished to extend their deepest sympathy and heart-felt condolences to Garrett’s family, relatives, many friends, and classmates. They are all deeply saddened by this loss.

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