New Early-Warning Siren System Installed at Baker Dam

Baker River Siren

Skagit County, WA – Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is upgrading its early warning siren system for the Baker River Hydroelectric Project.

Upper Baker Dam Photo by PSE

According to a media release, the new system will provide a distinctly unique siren tone and verbal messages to avoid confusion with other sirens used by emergency response personnel in the area.  The new upgraded siren system moves from the current three siren system to eight new sirens, which will help increase the sound coverage.

In the unlikely event of a dam breach, the siren system will provide early warning and immediate mass notification to the town of Concrete and the surrounding communities of Van Horn, Grasmere, Cape Horn, and Birdsview.

PSE will commission the new system by conducting sound testing of the current sirens and upgraded sirens during the week of July 16 through July 20th, 2018.

Sound Testing of the sirens will involve periodic sounding of the current three-siren system and each of the new eight sirens. During the sound testing, the sirens will produce a tone and two verbal messages. This a scheduled test and only a test of the siren system. If the sirens sound during this timeframe, residents are not called to evacuate.

The sirens being tested are located in and around the town of Concrete, including Van Horn, Grassmere, Cape Horn and Birdsview. Locations of the sirens can be found by clicking here or at  the PSE Visitor Center at Lower Baker Office in Concrete, WA.

Once the new siren system is fully commissioned the current system will be removed. PSE will follow the current testing schedule and test the new sirens on the second Monday of the month at 6 p.m. If the sirens sound at any other time, without prior notice to the local media, it is not a test. Residents are to evacuate and head for higher ground, in the North and South directions, away from the Skagit River.

Listen to the Test Warning Message by Clicking Here 

Listen to the Evacuate Warning Message by Clicking Here 

Listen to the Siren Tone by Clicking Here

Media Release Written and Provided by Andrew.Padul@PSE.com

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