Man On Way To Court Steals Money Clip at Courthouse Security Station

Correction Deputy Arrested

Snohomish County, WA – According to a release on Facebook from the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, last week a 36 year-old male was on his way to court in Snohomish County when he had to go through the Security Screening Process at the Courthouse. While waiting in line, the man spotted a money clip with $500 cash on the x-ray conveyor belt that had been placed in a property bin,  by the person ahead of him in line who was also getting screened going through security.

The suspect allegedly moved a little closer to the victim and his property bin, slipped his hand in the bin,  grabbed the money clip and continued on his way to court without being noticed.

Moments later,  the victim realized his money clip was gone and reported it to Courthouse Marshals. The Marshals replayed surveillance video of the lobby, identified the male suspect who stole the money clip and minutes later located him in a courtroom on the third floor.

The suspect still had the victim’s money clip, credit card and $500 cash in his pocket.

The 36 year-old male was taken into custody and escorted out of the courthouse and across the street to the Snohomish County jail where he was booked for second degree theft.



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