Optional Free Informed Delivery Service by USPS Could Help Curb Local Mail Theft

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Skagit County, WA – Have you heard about the United State Postal Service (USPS)  free INFORMED DELIVERY service that allows customers to Digitally Preview their mail in their email or online  before it arrives in their mail box?   It is a game changer!

The FREE and optional service, called Informed Delivery allows participating customers to receive an email and digitally view greyscale images of the outside of their household’s letter-sized mail pieces that will be arriving soon.

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The Notifications can also be viewed from anywhere on the dashboard at informeddelivery.usps.com.

The Images are only provided (at this time) for letter-sized mail pieces that are processed through USPS automated equipment.

We signed up and tested out the service, and in my opinion, it is one of the best features the United State Postal Service has come up with in a long time. Every morning, I receive an email with greyscale images  of the mail I am going to receive that day. This allows me to plan ahead to be sure I am there to pickup important mail as soon as it arrives, reducing the chance that a mail thief might steal it.  The free service also allows you to manage your packages that are scheduled to arrive soon.

If you don’t receive a piece of mail that is shown on your informed delivery dashboard, you simply click and report the missing mail.

This service is a great tool for citizens of Skagit County and around the U.S.  to monitor their incoming United States Postal Service  mail and report missing mail or mail theft easily.

Email Notifications are not sent on days when there is no mail being delivered to your mail box, including Sundays or federal holidays.

To Sign up for FREE or to learn more, simply visit:   https://informeddelivery.usps.com/box/pages/intro/start.action



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