Skagit Community Foundation Announces New Executive Director

**Press Release**

Two years ago, we began a succession plan for the Executive Director position.  My goal was to serve for seven years.  After that amount of time, I felt the Foundation would be at a new stage and require a leader with different skills who could take it to the next level.  We found such a leader in Michael B. Stark.  The Board of Directors offered Michael the position in December and he accepted it. Michael and I had the opportunity to work together for ten months, ensuring a smooth transition of leadership. He is well versed in all aspects of our grantmaking, donor services, and administration.  I will be available to the new Executive Director and the Board of Directors for consultation as needed. As the Foundation moves into its next stage of growth and maturity, I’m confident Michael and the Board of Directors will provide the servant leadership our community needs.  

In my tenure, I had the pleasure of meeting generous donors who viewed all people as part of the human family.  They funded grants to children programs, student scholarships, senior services, troubled youth, homeless families; people they never met.  Their kindness inspired hope and changed the course of people’s lives. The community foundation was a meeting place for such magic.

  “We create the path by walking it.”

Thank you for seven wonderful years of walking together.  

With gratitude,

Mary J. McGoffin


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