Proclamation of Emergency for the City of Mount Vernon

March 12, 2020

MOUNT VERNON—In an effort to proactively position the City to mobilize any necessary COVID-19 response plans, Mayor Boudreau has signed a proclamation of emergency for the City of Mount Vernon.

The proclamation, which was approved by City Council on Wednesday evening, aligns the City of Mount Vernon with Skagit County and the State of Washington in a collective attempt to curb the widespread outbreak of the virus, and to more efficiently respond to its impacts.

“This helps us to create a faster response to these events that are unfolding so quickly here in our State,” Boudreau said. “We’re being proactive. Our hope is that we’ll never need to utilize the benefits that this declaration affords us.”

Under the proclamation, the mayor may enter into contracts “to provide emergency assistance to victims, and to (take actions to) relieve the emergency and protect the health and safety of residents.”Additionally, the proclamation authorizes the Mayor to delegate incident control, response and public order to her fire and police chiefs; and is a prerequisite for the City to receive state and federal recovery assistance.

The proclamation will terminate once Mayor Boudreau, following the lead of the Skagit County Public Health Department, determines that the emergency measures are no longer required for the protection of the public peace, safety and welfare of the residents of Mount Vernon.

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