18-Year Old Bow Man Arrested for Violent Assault on Burlington Teen

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Bow, WA- An 18-year old Bow man has been arrested and jailed after Detectives say he invited  a 17-year old teen to his property with the intention of assaulting him.

According to Probable Cause Affidavit of Arrest obtained by SkagitBreaking.com through a public disclosure request, Skagit County Sheriff’s Office Detectives were asked to respond to a report of an assault that had previously occurred in the 7400 block of Thomas Road in Bow, Washington. Deputies responded and found a 17-year old teen victim who had been assaulted the night before. The victim had been taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle with a skull fracture and reported brain bleed. The teen had underwent surgery and was reported to be in critical condition.  He also had slurs wrote in  black sharpie marker written on his forehead, cheeks and chin.

Court Documents show that on the previous day, the victim, a 17-year old Burlington teen,  had sent Snap Chat messages- looking to buy alcohol, to 18-year old Trevor McCabe of Bow.  McCabe responded to the teen, telling him to come over, brings $30 and provided the teen with his address.

Through the investigation, detectives obtained a search warrant and responded to the residence where the assault allegedly occurred. There, they contacted  McCabe in the driveway. Prior to being asked any questions, McCabe exited a vehicle that was parked in the driveway. McCabe walked towards Detectives as they approached and stated something similar to “Yeah, I beat his ass. Someone trespasses on my property and I’m going to beat his ass.” McCabe was then taken into custody.  As he was being led to a chair in the carport, he yelled to his underage girlfriend, who was still in the vehicle, to not talk to the (explicit) police.

Through the service of the search warrant, Detectives learned that McCabe’s girlfriend was at his house when he received the messages and McCabe was laughing and told her something similar to “This is perfect. I’m going to beat his ass and he’s going to come to me for it.” When the teen arrived to buy the alcohol, the girlfriend told detectives she went into the bathroom. She heard a commotion and a thud and when she came out, she saw the teen laying on the concrete pad in a covered porch area and the teen appeared to be having a seizure. She also told detectives at some point the teen fell into the gas grill on the porch and that McCabe used water from a dog bowl to splash water on him.  She also told Deputies that McCabe used a sharpie marker from inside the house to write on the teens face and that McCabe had his phone out but she wasn’t sure what he was doing with it.

Detectives learned that McCabe had posted videos of the assault to Snapchat. A person who viewed the video had notified Law Enforcement of the video. Detectives learned that a total of five videos were taken and shared in a group chat  on Snap Chat.  In one video, the teen is observed laying on the concrete pad, clearly suffering from a seizure.  McCabe was heard on the video taunting the teen and calling his racist and derogatory names. In a separate video, McCabe records himself holding the teens wallet and saying “nice wallet, nice money, nice chains,” before throwing the wallet back towards the teen.  In another video, McCabe is seen kicking the teen in the lower back while he is suffering a seizure.  McCabe is seen zooming in on a pair of shoes that have been taken off the victims feet saying “Yo, are them my new shoes? Did I just get me a new pair of (explicit), a new pair of Vans Bro?” At one point in the videos, the teen is seen sitting up, his mouth is twitching, his eyes are pointing different directions, and he is obviously suffering from a brain injury.  In one of the videos, McCabe is seen holding up a black shotgun with a pistol grip. McCabe raises the shotgun and points it in the direction of a vehicle in the driveway with its headlights on. McCabe says “when you gotta pull a (explicit) gun on a (Derogatory racial comment) to get outta your house bro.”

Detectives serving the search warrant found blood on the concrete pad of the covered carport area, a black Sharpie inside the residence, a loaded  black Mossberg Shotgun with a pistol grip was found in McCabe’s bedroom, matching the gun seen in the video. Forensic examinations of cell phone data revealed additional information for detectives.

Trevor McCabe was arrested and transported to the Skagit County Community Justice Center.  He is being held in Lieu of $500,000.00. He is accused of alleged of Assault 1st Degree causing great bodily Harm, Robbery 1st Degree, Assault 2nd Degree with a weapons enhancement and Tampering with a witness.

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Please Note: All Subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of Law. 

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