Arlington Woman Shot to Death Outside Big Lake Home

Big Lake, WA – An Arlington woman is dead and a Big Lake woman was arrested on suspicion of 2nd Degree Murder after an alleged  fight erupted outside a  home in Big Lake on February 13th, 2021.  The details of this complex case have been slowly coming out in court documents over the course of the last several days.  Eventually a jury will most likely  have to decide if this was a case of  self defense or a case of  murder. Below is the latest information we have on the shooting incident from February 13th, 2021.

According to a press release from Skagit County Sheriff’s Office Detective Sergeant Jennifer Sheahan-Lee, around 7:24 p.m. on February 13th, 2021 an assault was reported in the 22000 block of Mount Vernon Big Lake Road in Mount Vernon.  Shortly after the initial call, another report came into Skagit 9-1-1 reporting that a woman had been shot in the same general location of the fight call.   The male caller indicated there was some type of fight and reported that his friend had been shot.   Skagit County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the scene and  contacted an involved reporting party of the gunshot call, and were directed to the residence of the fight call.


Big Lake Shooting Screen Grab

Deputies found a 32-year old Arlington woman, later identified as Kamran Cohee of Arlington, deceased in the driveway of the residence.  The two residents of the home came out of the house to contact deputies.  During the course of the investigation, deputies determined the two groups did not know each other, but the incident began over the alleged theft of a political sign.  The male resident of the home was transported to the hospital for injuries and later arrested for 4th Degree assault and the 55-year old female resident of the home, later identified as Angela Conijn of Big Lake,  was arrested and booked into the Skagit County Community Justice Center for Suspicion of 2nd Degree Murder.  The Mount Vernon Police Department and Washington State Patrol assisted the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office on the Investigation according to the release by Sheahan-Lee.

On February 16th, 2021 Prosecutor’s in Conijn’s Case filed a magistrate’s warrant in District Court charging her with 2nd Degree Murder in the death of Cohee. A magistrates warrant gives prosecutors 30-days to file felony murder charges in Skagit County Superior Court if they chose to do so.

According to a probable cause affidavit of arrest obtained through a public disclosure request of court documents, Cohee and a male driver pulled into the Conijn’s driveway in the 22000 block of Mount Vernon Big Lake Road so they could allegedly “let air out of the tires of his vehicle” so it could gain better traction in the snow.  According to the man,  Conijn’s husband allegedly came out of the house and began filming or taking photos of the man and woman and allegedly  punched the man in the face through the open driver’s side car window.  He told Deputies that at some point Cohee left the vehicle and Angela Conijn went into the house to retrieve a gun, before she exited the house and shot Cohee in the driveway.

According to Conijn’s husband’s account of the incident in court documents, he came out of their house when someone unknown to them  pulled into their driveway, believing they were attempting to steal a political sign.  A fight between him and the male in the vehicle ensued before the husband was chased back into the residence. He says the male and Cohee began allegedly hitting the front door of the home with a wheelbarrow.   He says, that Angela Conijn exited the house and fired a gun toward the vehicle, striking and killing Cohee.

Deputies noted in Court Documents that a wheelbarrow was found near the house and Cohee’s Body was found about twenty-five feet from the roadway and fifty feet from the residence.  The male in the vehicle also admitted in court documents to deputies to allegedly trying to steal the political sign during the incident.

Conijn is claiming she acted in self-defense in Shooting Cohee.  She was initially being held in the Skagit County Community Justice Center in Lieu of $500,000 bail.  On Wednesday, the bail amount was lowered to $250,000.  As of Friday she is no longer listed on the Jail Roster.

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