Press Memo: Francis Road Electric System Relocation Project


Clear Lake, WA – In conjunction with Skagit County’s Francis Road reconstruction project and in an ongoing effort to deliver safe and reliable energy to Skagit County, PSE and Potelco electric crews will be working along Francis Road to relocate several utility poles and upgrade related electric equipment to make way for the upcoming improvements. Due to the complexity of the work and for the safety of our crew, we may need to take a planned power outage which might impact surrounding residents or businesses; we will know more once the crew begins their work and will be sure to update you once details are confirmed. Please see below for project details.


Project details
Who: PSE and Potelco electric crews
What: Relocating several utility poles and upgrading related electric equipment
Where: Francis Road west of Highway 9, Mount Vernon
(please refer to map on reverse for approximate project route)
When: Potelco electric crews are expected to begin in late August or early September and work is anticipated to last up to four (4) weeks
• Project dates & duration could vary based on inclement weather and emergency crew assignments
• Typical daytime work hours are approximately 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What you can expect
• To prepare for this work, crews will be in the area surveying the project route and marking current underground
utilities with brightly colored paint or flags; aka: locates
• Signs and traffic control flaggers will guide vehicles and pedestrians safely through the work zone
• There will likely be noise from trucks and heavy machinery during working hours
• We currently do not have any planned power outage details. However, once we know more, if a planned
power outage is necessary, we will notify those impacted customers directly via mail, email, phone or in person
with a door hanger. Please ensure the contact information on your PSE account is up-to-date through pse.com.
• Once work is complete, crews will go back over the work zone and clear any remaining debris
For more information regarding the Francis Road reconstruction project, please visit the website:

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while we work to complete this project. If you have any questions regarding PSE’s portion of this project, please contact me and reference job number 101128121.

Jane Major, PSE Project Manager
360-791-2748 | jane.major@pse.com

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