Online Hacker Harassing Underage Teens For Nude Photos

Sedro-Woolley, WA – Several parents in Skagit County  are expressing frustration over an alleged hacker that is  hacking into young teen girls Facebook pages and deactivating them.  The hacker is then contacting the teens via a text message and demanding they add the hacker on Snapchat and send explicit videos of themselves in order to regain access to their Facebook accounts.  The parents say, Facebook has been less than helpful in regaining access to the teens accounts.

Screenshot of Initial Text Message

In one instance, a 16-year old Sedro-Woolley teen had her Facebook account hacked and the hacker sent her explicit  text messages from a 208 area code calling her names and asking the underage teen to send explicit videos of herself to regain access to her Facebook account. A screenshot below was provided to SkagitBreaking.com by Jen Brown-Mora, the mother of the 16-year old teen.  (Warning photo contains profanity)

Jen Brown-Mora said she was livid and contacted the number directly via text message.  She said  almost immediately she received a Facebook friend request from a person calling themselves Trey Morrison.

Fake Account Profile

Mom mode kicked in and Jen Brown-Mora  researched the Facebook Friend request and saw she had multiple mutual friends with the person but didn’t know them. She then started asking her mutual Facebook friends if they knew the guy, and none of them did, so parents starting deleting the profile and blocking the Facebook Profile.  Ultimately she believes the account being used is most likely being used in a cat fishing method, without the real “Trey Morrison” knowing.

Facebook required Mora-Brown  to provide a copy of her daughters birth certificate to regain access to her Facebook account, which she did.   Less than a week later and her daughters Facebook account has been hacked again and the hacker has regained control of her 16-year old daughters Facebook  account.

In several separate Incidents other  young teen girl in Sedro-Woolley have had  the same thing happen to them. The hacker has also contacted at least one male, using profanity towards the teen male and asking him  for his  personal address, for unknown reasons.

A father in Everett has also reached out online and is  trying to track down the hacker who has taken control of his 15-year old daughters Facebook account and is demanding the underage teen send nude photos to regain access.

Rome Hills Facebook


A police report has been filed with the Sedro-Woolley Police Department in regards to the Mora-Brown hacking incident.

Has your son or daughters Facebook account been hacked? Is an unknown person demanding underage nude photos from them? Comment below if you or your family has become a victim of this hacker.

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