Breaking News: California Homicide Suspect Arrested After Short Standoff

Wanted for Homicide, 51-year old Kelvin Simpson

Oakland, California– The Modesto California Police Department has reported that SWAT Officers from the  Oakland California  Police Department  have located 51-year old Kelvin Simpson in the 100 block of Foster Avenue in  Oakland where Simpson reportedly had also lived.

Wanted for Homicide, 51-year old Kelvin Simpson

SWAT Officers are attempting to get Mr. Simpson to peacefully come out of the black Hyundai Sonata he fled town in after killing his wife, 47-Year old Shannon Kalia Simpson.

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Modesto Police Sgt. Steve Hinkley told reporters with the Modesto Bee that the vehicle is occupied and Officers there are trying to get the man to come out of the car peacefully.

At around 12:35 p.m today, Oakland SWAT Officers deployed pepper spray into Mr. Simpson’s car. He put his hands up to his face and was taken into custody. An ambulance was called to treat him for exposure to pepper spray.

Shannon Kalia Simpson’s body was found by her adult son on Tuesday when other family members, concerned about not being able to reach her, asked him to check on his mother at her home in the 1500 block of Coffee Villa Drive.

Police believe the homicide happened around noon on Tuesday, several hours before her son called 9-1-1 reporting his mother was dead.

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Mr. Simpson has a history of domestic violence but there was no restraining order prohibiting him from contacting his wife at the time of her murder. Sgt Hinkley told the Modesto Bee that he was under a “peaceful contact order” which allowed the couple to live together.  A Peaceful contact order refers to a type of restraining order issued in domestic violence cases to a person by the court allowing the restrained person to contact the protected person as long as all contact is peaceful. Essentially a peaceful contact order is issued so the restrained person can live with the protected person.  The legal definition can be found here.

Shannon’s adult son also lived at the house but had left for work earlier in the day before she was killed, according to Hinkley.

Modesto police have declined to release the cause of her death other than saying she died of homicidal violence.

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